How to build custom Giant Board device images.

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Downloading tools and setup

The tools used in this guide are a set of scripts created specfically for creating custom Debian device images for the Giant Board.

To get started on customizing your own Giant Board images, you first need download the tools from github.

git clone

After downloading you want to then enter the directory giantboard-tools.

cd giantboard-tools

Once in the directory you then need to make the command line menu script executable. You can do that by typing the command below.

chmod +x

We’re now ready to launch the build menu script. You can launch the build menu script using the command below.


When the build menu opens you will be presented with 9 options for building various parts of the Giant Boards operating system. It should look something like this.

To get started on building these, we first need to run command number 1, its called Setup Build Enviroment. This will download, install, and setup all the tools and directories needed for building the different parts of the OS.

Once that has completed, you should be all set to build any single part of the OS. We also have other guides on editing the kernel, rootfs, overlays and more information on the home docs page. Keep in mind that you must build each part to have a fully working image.